Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Bit of Life...

So-here is Peyton a couple of years ago, but on Andros none the less. 7 of us headed to Andros Island, Bahamas on Wednesday after work to go to Megan's 'island' baby shower. And ALL 7 of us made the first flight out!!! One amazing feat since we fly on a priority basis as 8s and 9s [visitors] among the working joes here. Let's see how it is getting off-island tomorrow!!

The weather has been picture perfect! We've gone to the beach, taken walks, eaten at the chow hall, shopped [if u can call it that] at the BX, and let the kids run free in complete safety!! That will be a post later on this week.

I will post photos of this trip after returning home tomorrow. This has been one of the best trips ever, although I miss Mr. very much since the HD would not approve the request for extra days off this week. The slow pace, good eats at the chow hall, and lack of affordable communication makes for one stress-free few days before the break neck speed of the holidays kick back in during our drive home tomorrow! So until then we're on ISLAND TIME, MON!!!

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rebecca lucille said...

Roni ~ I'm so glad it was a nice trip - but I imagine that there isn't a "bad" trip to Andros!!! Hope you're home safe and sound...I'm working on being awake for about 28 hours now!! Cleaning, putzing around the house... got pics of the wreck of a soon to be scrap studio posted!