Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay, so I've not posted since the Andros trip! So we've had Christmas, New Year, birthdays, wedding showers, baby shower...oye!!! And the beat goes on...

Quilting has been keeping me on my toes. We're getting ready for Sandy Bonsib to visit our guild and teach at Country Quilts and Bears! Sandy is a sweetheart! I met her several years ago at CQB and we became instant friends! I can NOT wait to see her in March. I've got one quilt made for a class sample and 2 I'm planning on making during the 2 days of classes I'm taking while she's here!! Yeah! Click on this entry title and you'll go to Sandy's site!

I am going to try and post a little more betterer...well, at least I'm gonna try. I've let too much go by just trying to hang on to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and 2009 is the year of letting go and enjoying each day a little bit more...yep, stopping to smell the roses. I don't want to wake up when it's too late.

With that in mind I need to make a bucket list. I need to be sure I don't end up with looking back and wishing I had done this and that. More importantly I need to show my girls that you always need to set goals and that you can always do what you want to do regardless of your age!! Rock on, girls!! Oh, so let's get back to the 1st thing on my bucket list...
#1 - Get healthier...I know what that means...loosing the lbs!! I want to be like I was after Megan was born. I didn't look like a beached whale. So that's #1 on the bucket list.

With that I'll say goodnight...and talk at ya later!

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W.O.T.E. said...

time for another post Roni! i love the bucket list... and keep working on your goal one step at a time girlie girl.