Monday, December 8, 2008

8th Day of Christmas

Well, I'd like to tell you this was our home, but alas, we live in Florida. We do decorate - a lot!! Our neighborhood really looks quite magical sans the snow. We Floridians do get creative - tomorrow I hope to post some photos of the houses in our neighborhood. Some over-do, but they are decorations just the same.

Happy 8th day of Christmas - oh, no bacon today -- just cookies left from the Christmas Cookie-exchange we went to yesterday!


rebecca lucille said...

Well... Roni, I have officially "tacked out" for Christmas.... my neighbors down the street (Pat and Sam) gave me an INFLATABLE santa in his sleigh...WITH 2 FLAMINGOS IN BLACK BOOTS!!!!I LOVE IT!
Are you following TIM HOLTZ AND THE 12 TAGS OF CHRISTMAS??? I so so so want to do that!

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