Thursday, March 24, 2016

Not sure I want to count the time since I've posted!! But I am determined to get some of my quilting projects completed and posted!

This month I am participating in a doll quilt swap! It is my first time doing this swap and I'm very excited.  I've received my 'send to' person and am going to start my quilt today! The swap has 90 participants...up from 70 last year.

I love 'doll' quilts and love fabrics from the Civil War era. I can't wait to receive mine!!! Yay!!

Here's to one of my passions...quilting! May I live long enough to complete all the projects in my head and use up all the fabric in my stash!!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Here is my fabric selection for my next Bee Modern Quilt project. This month it was my choice on what to challenge the guild with and I went for solids!! Beautiful Bella Solids!!!!! Everyone received one of the fat quarters pictured above wrapped up in a little tiny box!! :) I had so much fun preparing this for our challenge! More to follow when I post the results of the challenge!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A little planning...

...goes a long way!!! Yes, I've turned into a planner of sorts. Usually I have been a person who puts things off...however, I have begun to plan way ahead so that I can meet deadlines...scary thought isn't it?

So 3 of us are planning the 2014 Project for the PQ guild and have gotten the idea going and a couple of elements already planned and worked on...and it's going to be fun for sure! I can't give out any clues but trust me I think the guild will like it! :)

And my to-do quilting list keeps growing...

Happy Rainy-Florida Saturday to us!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome to Country Quilts and Bears!!

I am so happy to see CQB create a blog! I have to admit this is my 3rd home. First is our home, 2nd is work, and if you can't find me at either of those locations there is a good chance I'm at CQB. I took my first class there in the 80's. And when Becky wanted to retire from night teaching I's been since they were at the old location! Maybe 18 years! Well, over the years I've made some pretty wonderful friends and met the most interesting people.

So welcome to blog-land!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 months later....

So much for keeping up with the blogging...
Let's try this again...the holidays were full of fun and illness. The Florida-Funk hit just about everyone with cough, chills, no thrills, and lots of flu, and other stuff. Now that is all over and we're off to the races.

Country Quilts and Bears in Clearwater is where I get my therapy...had a great class this past Saturday. We've had so much fun with our little houses that after we're done with that quilt we're staying together to make another one! Woohoo!

We have a couple of more great quilt shops in the area who get lots of my money too! I'm an equal opportunity shopper! :) Rainbow's End is in Dunedin and Crafty Threads is in Tampa!

Nothing else going on except trying to complete a couple of quilts and will post phots when they are done!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Embroider a Hungry Turkey on a Tea Towel for Thanksgiving

Embroider a Hungry Turkey on a Tea Towel for Thanksgiving

Here is a cute little gobbler to put a smile on your Thanksgiving Day guests...or on a baby's bib...or on an apron!!
Compliments of Bird Brain Designs!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Please read all instructions carefully before you begin....

...seriously??? One would think I would have learned this lesson in college after constructing a beautiful pair of dress linen...without reading the instructions. After getting to class and not being able to sit comfortably I went home to look at the pattern. What had I done???? Put the zipper in the front instead of the back. That was the end of those slacks....and of NOT reading instructions. Or so I thought!

Never being a patient person, I'd usually try to figure out how to put something rather than reading the instructions...hmmmm...not such a good thing. So began my attempt at constructing some yo-yo animals quickly for the Jacksonville Quilt Show. The instructions were lets put them aside. Make the yo-yos, put them together, make the faces...rats! do I put the back of the head together...back to the instructions. Rats!!! made ears that were separate from the head. Supposed to have the ears and back of head one piece...oye!

 Really, if I didn't have enough time to make them right the first time how the heck (and other words) how am I going to have time to re-do them?? Well, I found the time.

So 'ear is all I have to say...please READ ALL instructions carefully before you begin..