Tuesday, January 8, 2008

UBER MESS!!!! and Thank You, Dr. King!!!!

PLOT: The new year has started off with great things. Purging unnecessary clutter from our home is the big thing for 2008. After deciding to call the sewing and scrapbook room the 'STUDIO,' I'm determined to get the 'studio' in order!!! [p.s. the 'studio' has spilled into all corners of our home!!] I'm sure Mark is thrilled with this. I have taken steps to remedy this out of control behavior. I've obtained every storage container known to man. I suppose I should use the round one more often (aka: garbage can), but if one is to create works of art, one never knows what one will need for any given medium at any given time!! So the room...excuse me, studio continues to gather 'stuff'. Of course it's all important stuff to the trained eye. I liken my studio as a snapshot of my little brain...scary, yes, but I love the creative process!! I can't help myself...I can't pass by an unusual item anywhere---who knows when you can use it for something no one else has thought of. Of course my Mark wishes I'd use that round thing for trash more often...

TODAY: A day off from work...a day to myself...a day to sit and reflect on the life, works, and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, a great American!! Dr. King is a hero of mine and respect his life and works totally. However, today I am just glad to have a day to myself to attack....

THE MESS I CALL (DA-DA-DA - ominus background music) MY STUDIO!!!

Now, my family has known, for the 53 years that I have been on this Earth, that I tend to work on deadlines, over book myself, over commit myself (actually at times I should be committed), and am always late. Don't know why although I'm sure I'd be a psychatrist's dream!

In 2007 I began my quest to be better organized, complete more projects, plan ahead, and not be late. You know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was I.

Thinking that perhaps if I posted the horror of Hunt's Studio, it might motivate me to get this mess cleared out once and for all. [I can not explain how, after moving to a home with an additional 1,000 addition sq. feet, I still ran out of room.] So with adding the 2nd hobby of scrapbooking to the already ample supply of sewing/quilting supplies, my STUDIO is bursting at the seams and has taken over a 2nd room.

RESOLUTION: I need to un-do the 2nd room thingy and go back to a more manageable 1 room studio. Here's a glimpse of the mountain I need to climb!

Okay - this embarassing mess is what gets thrown around when I'm working and I ususally work via deadline and am 2 steps behind so I end up with the uber mess!!!!

When working on scrapping I tend to place things in the sewing side and visa versa. This madness needs to stop! another view of the mayhem....

This happens to be the one clean spot on my scrapping side of the room!!!

This happens to look nice...the scrap side of the studio - some shelving.

So there is no time like the present to begin. My goal is to get this party started and to add to this the Ikea Expedit shelving to store projects, etc., and keep the clutter to a zero! (St. Jude, pray for me!)

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