Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, it's here...actually 10 days in!! Can you believe it!!! I have a confession to make - the tree is still up. I just love it too much...but it will be down this week for sure. Now...I need to list my goals for the year. I got this idea to post them after seeing Kelly's blog. She is awesome as a Mom and a great gal! So - here it is...

1. I need to continue my journey to get into better health. Along with my weight loss program, I shall begin the exercise that needs to go along with a healthier lifestyle.

2. I want to be more organized in household chores, outside projects, etc. including me at work. Make a list and work to accomplish all on it.

3. I certainly am ready to be a better quilt teacher...need to keep up with what's going on in the quilting world and improving my beginner class. Very exciting as far as I am concerned...yes, some would not be impressed with my life, but I love it!

4. Read more...I have my 1st book started and I've joined the Pat Sloan bookclub site.

5. UFO Projects - of course the quilting list of ufos is endless!!! I will focus on the 2005 Circle of Friends quilt to start...and then go on to so many waiting Christmas projects. Stockings head up that list.

6. I'd like to try and be really conscious of my spending. Not much impulse shopping...pray for me...

7. Be a better friend. I'd like to be the kind of friend people would like to have and keep.

8. Be a better mom even though the girls are older than some of my friends! I'd still like to think they need me. Lord knows, I need them!! They really are my best friends.

This does seem like a lot of high hopes for me, but I just want to keep the journey going and just to improve day by day.

Here is my wish to you all for a great 2008!


scrappingirl79 said...

Great goals Roni. I hope to see you soon!!

Denise said...

I envy you Roni - you have it all mapped out with some fantastic goals for the year. I did not make a single one. This is my year to be a non-conformist about everything!!!!

Love Ya