Sunday, August 19, 2007

The World Through the Eyes of a 5-year old Boy!

I often wonder what goes on in this little guy's head! Yes, my 5-year old grandson's little noggin! He's such a doll and is quite the 'lady's' man! Here is his view of Becky's 48th Birthday party. Oh, there are lots more pix, but these are just a few shots...I think he had about 20 more of Adicus on the chair (orange cat) and 20 more of Abby (Ms. Yorkie herself), but I thought I'd share a few on the blog! Once you meet this little guy you are hooked forever. He steals your heart and puts a smile on your face. He starts Kindergarten on Tuesday...little man is growing up!

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rebecca lucille said...

Peyton is too cute! He was the hit of the party... several of the guests wanted to steal him... including 2 who would've whisked him off to Georgia!