Monday, August 20, 2007

All this and Salsa Dancing!!

Friday night we went to the Luxe Girls event at Ruban Rouge! After we made our make it take it card, Lisa gave us all a SALSA Lesson!!! TMJ was the lucky partner for this 'free' lesson and now we all have the steps down pat!! We always have a great time whenever we scrap and you never know what new skills you'll learn! But one thing is'll be with good friends and make plenty of new memories.


Anna M-W said...

Where are the pics of you salsa dancing?

Missed your company on Saturday. The classes were kind of BLAH, though!

rebecca lucille said...

Lisa just wanted to nuzzle someone in her bossom again!
She does know how to shake that booty tho!
TMJ was too cute... what a sport!