Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Is this not the cutest almost 2 year old you've ever seen!!! She is my Bella. Her daddy held Cocoa so she could love on him just a little!! She is so proud of herself. She is my living baby doll...my youngest niece!I just wish she lived closer to us!!

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scrappingirl79 said...

I found you to from Lisa's blog. I don't normally post on people's blog's as some get offended and they may not know you. I don't own a blog and not sure how to even start one but anyways, wanted to post a hi :)

Are you taking the Luxe classes this weekend. I am all signed up and paid for, just hope that I can make it. I have surgery tomorrow and I am scared crapless.

I would love to be apart of your little scrapbooking retreats, I am usually quite and don't say much but I make a mean dip...LOL