Monday, October 17, 2011

Please read all instructions carefully before you begin....

...seriously??? One would think I would have learned this lesson in college after constructing a beautiful pair of dress linen...without reading the instructions. After getting to class and not being able to sit comfortably I went home to look at the pattern. What had I done???? Put the zipper in the front instead of the back. That was the end of those slacks....and of NOT reading instructions. Or so I thought!

Never being a patient person, I'd usually try to figure out how to put something rather than reading the instructions...hmmmm...not such a good thing. So began my attempt at constructing some yo-yo animals quickly for the Jacksonville Quilt Show. The instructions were lets put them aside. Make the yo-yos, put them together, make the faces...rats! do I put the back of the head together...back to the instructions. Rats!!! made ears that were separate from the head. Supposed to have the ears and back of head one piece...oye!

 Really, if I didn't have enough time to make them right the first time how the heck (and other words) how am I going to have time to re-do them?? Well, I found the time.

So 'ear is all I have to say...please READ ALL instructions carefully before you begin..

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Susan Freebery said...

And your Yo-Yo animals are wonderful. They are gorgeous and sold tons of patterns! Mission acomplished.