Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I love fabwic..."

The  best part of Hurricane Irene was that we had a visit from our kids who lived in the way of her path! What an unexpected surprise! So while playing with my little Khloe she ran over to a pile of fabric and caressed the fabric saying, 'I love fabwic!!' Now this is a symptom of a much older fabri-holic! Not usually for one so wittle! None the less it thrilled me because my granddaughters share my love of fabric and their mothers still shutter when you mention a fabric shop!!!! This photo was the result of Khloe asking me to cover her in the fabric...so I did. And then she wanted her picture taken. Did that too!!!

Don't get to see baby-girl enough, but enjoy every second with her!

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Susan Freebery said...

My kids used to literally BOTH start crying if they saw the sign for JoAnn Fabrics. They would start crying and begging NOT to have to go to the fabric store. One of my biggest disappointments. Then came Madelyn. Obviously the powers that be felt that I deserved a child who shared my interests... just before I went to NY this last time she called and asked me if I was bringing my sewing machine! My knees buckled from pure, unadulterated joy.