Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good-Bye, Georgie-boy!

Good-bye, my Georgie-boy. Here is my Georgie. His mom, one of my BFFs, lost her little boy and he's now in kitty-heaven with his Sissy. I loved when his parents would leave town so I could feed him and love him. He did have his the time at the Belleair house when he locked me in the garage for 2 tools to remove the garage door into the neighbors around to resuce way to open the outside garage door...I almost had to climb up into the rafters to escape when I realized I could climb out through a jalousie window! No small feat for a 40-something (at the time) woman. After climbing up on top of the dryer, removing glass jalousies, putting a chair out the window to cushion my 5'drop, exiting my prison, and re-entering the house through the front door, I found George just sitting by the inside garage door. Upon entering the house his majesty looked up at me with a look on his face as if to say, "Oh, you found a way out. Pity." But I know he loved me and I know I loved him. He's going to be in my heart forever.

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rebecca lucille said...

Thank you so much Roni... G-Man DID love you... but he did enjoy his "moments" with you too! You put up with a lot of watery eyes, and sneezing fits for me and my G-Man, and we love you for it. He'll see us both when it's our turn... just make sure when you're at the gate, he doesn't lock you out!
I love you!