Sunday, July 22, 2007

Buzzzzzzy Summer

This is my summer hangout-a little red farm house with a white picket fence in WI. A view of my brother's house from the back by the barn. I love going to stay there & pretend I live in an environment without humidity!! I know what you're saying, "Wake up!!! You live in FL!!" But, the trips up north this summer have been incredible!

Here we are flying home-note the chocolate on the boys' faces-Midwest airlines serves you HOT-JUST OUT OF THEIR OVEN-CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!! I just know that they have grandma downstairs baking cookies in her oven just for us! Great thing for us who are trying to loose weight!!

And here is who was waiting in WI for her brothers to return!

And although I wander north, here are some of the reasons I return home...don't know where Jordyn is in this shot-still sleepin? Nope! here she is!

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