Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 months later....

So much for keeping up with the blogging...
Let's try this again...the holidays were full of fun and illness. The Florida-Funk hit just about everyone with cough, chills, no thrills, and lots of flu, and other stuff. Now that is all over and we're off to the races.

Country Quilts and Bears in Clearwater is where I get my therapy...had a great class this past Saturday. We've had so much fun with our little houses that after we're done with that quilt we're staying together to make another one! Woohoo!

We have a couple of more great quilt shops in the area who get lots of my money too! I'm an equal opportunity shopper! :) Rainbow's End is in Dunedin and Crafty Threads is in Tampa!

Nothing else going on except trying to complete a couple of quilts and will post phots when they are done!

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