Thursday, February 24, 2011

Off to Camp Blanding!! Road Trip!

Tomorrow I head north east into the middle of Florida. 5 of my sewing gal-pals and myself are heading to Camp Blanding for a 3-day sewing retreat!!! I can hear the hum of the machines now! We arrive Friday morning around 9 and leave Sunday sometime. We are going to sew, sew, sew!! Now this requires some planning - we are driving in 3 separate cars so as to be able to take all of the 'camping gear' necessary to be successful and complete as many projects as possible. This gear includes SOME of the following: sewing machine, fabric, thread, needles, cutting mat, rotary cutter...iron, ironing board, fabric, snacks, coffee mug, slippers - the floor is supposed to be cold...and we've convinced one of our FRIENDS that the we're camping in tents (orange) and they probably have dirt floors (and we love her so imagine if we didn't what we'd tell her!), sewing projects in case we complete the 42 other projects we've packed, more snacks, bandaids, paper towels, handi wipes...oh, and I can't travel without my droid x and cheese sticks.

Now in discussing this with my driver, yes-I have a driver, we realized that something is wrong when we plan all our sewing projects before throwing in our clothes. All we care about for clothing is that they be squishy and comfy for our sewing enjoyment...after all we are going to be sewing at a camp. And we are a group of women who really could care less what we look like at this time...especially telling is the fact that we voted 'no make-up' and it was unanimous...however, we planned our snacks with much more care! Some of you will not get this part of our know, the clothes part, however, my scrappin' pals know..right, Becky?? Pack as much stuff as you can, you never know what you'll need, and then see how much room is left for the jeans!

Can't wait to hit the road...I'm sure we'll have some great tunes with us! I love southern rock to travel with...and anything that you can sing loud and sing proud...


Susan Freebery said...

I'm telling you one last time I am NOT sleeping in a tent. Even if it is orange - the best color of all! I am packed, and can't wait to leave. Call me at 5 if you are up. No. Make that 5:30. I am sooooo excited. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Susan Freebery said...

Time for a new post, Miss Roni. Also, you have been challenged. Go ready my latest blog post. HA!