Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello from the real life version of Bewitched!

Yes, the tv show Bewitched that is...I just blinked my eyes and it's almost 2010!!! What the heck! I'm from the land of 'where the heck did the months go?-land'. I have no idea how we got to Nov. 17th without updating this blog. But I can fill you in on the various parts of me...

work-do more with less, budget cuts, retiring chief and dcs, search for new chief, people retiring, accreditation, and my personal favorite - unhappy people phone calls.

quilting-going full speed ahead - not enough time to quilt everything that I want to - if I quit work (retire) than I can't afford to quilt...Hmmmmm...still working.

home/family - new granddaughter (the cute little lady bug you see) others are 12, 10, and 7! I could squish each one of them!! can't live without any of them!! just celebrated 35 years of marriage to my BETTER half...yes, I readily admit that one! Mark is a saint...trust me on that one. 2 of the best daughters who are now my dearest friends...and 2 of the best son-in-laws who know when to laught with me, at me, or thump me and bring me back to earth. Thought mom was going to leave us in july while we were on the island with family...but she pulled through and God decided to have dad come home to Him instead. By far the worst time of my life and still reeling from the loss. learning to cope. he and mom were there every day of my life and now i wake up with him not here...trying to figure out how to keep mom around forever...she might not agree though. reconnected with family friends who were friends with my parents since they were all kids in brooklyn! that is the best.

friends - still have the best ever!!!! everywhere i look i have the best friends in the world...i have probably the best collection just like in the song 'you find out who your friends are...' all ages, shapes, sizes, temperments, locations...love each and every one of them just as they are..heck, they accept me as i am-well that's what they tell me.

scrapbooking - still love it...way behind...no surprise there.

So that's it for now. Susan shamed me into posting so this is it!!! Okay, Susan, I posted! Now I have to check your blog!!!!

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Susan Freebery said...

YEAH!!! A fabulous post! Wonderful update on the past year. I am very pleased I pestered you! It paid off. ;)