Monday, November 10, 2008


...that is one of my granddaughter's sayings...and it fits!! What the heck is going on??? The year is almost over and I've got a whole lot more to do before it's 2009! But, we'll just have to keep holding on and hope that things quiet down. I am going to try and post a bit more...

I have been busy trying to complete a lot of quilting ufo's - in quilting language that means a lot of fabric bought because you couldn't resist it and then found more fabric you couldn't resist and then added to your stash and on and on until you found yourself so behind that you couldn't find your way out of your sewing room. Well! imagine that!!! I've not got a system that is in 2 rooms and strewn about the house (2700 sq feet I might add) and almost organized! whew! This summer I quilted 15 quilt tops that were ready to go. I can't tell you how many more I have that require a border here...a row there... And then how many more KITS do I have?? Couldn't tell you...well, I could but then I'd faint from the mere thought of the $ I spent - all with good intentions of using for gifts - only to find myself over extended and not completing the gifts!!! Those days are over!

by 2009 I plan on having an organized and more stable year! Reduce is the word for me in 2009...reduce stash, collection of stuff, and more of me! 70 pounds to date and need to do more reductions.

I am really thinking about using this blog to aid in my slash the stash therapy!! So this week I will post the projects I am working on and the progress I've made with them.
#1 - Blue/Yellow quilt - this is from a mystery class the guild did years ago. Pam designed it and I only made a couple of blocks so I could keep it small and finish it. I hope to quilt it tomorrow at Pam's.
#2 - Charlotte's Chritmas quilt - this is almost pieced and should be ready to be done at Pam's tomorrow!!
#3 - Flannel scrappy stars - this quilt top was a class I took from Sandy Bonsib at Country Quilts and Bears in 1999 or 2000. I just need to quilt it and it will be done tomorrow at Pam's!!!
#4 - 1995...YES - 1995 - I won the first quilt block drawing at the Procrastinating Quilters Christmas Party in 1995. Yes, true to the guild name I am finally putting the top together. I won at least 40 blocks...all 9-patch in muslin and Christmas colors. I laid out the blocks yesterday and after laying out 1 big quilt, then trying the blocks as 2 smaller quilts, I decided to go with 1 big queen size quilt! Thanks for the input, Pat.

If I can do that this week I'll be accomplished! Well, I'll have accomplished something! Then there is:
#5 - the Brown Bag Challenge to complete.
#6 - the Secret Pal to gift.
#7 - the Secret Pal I've received from gift.

That's a good enough start to kill me...or stress me out at least...

Now I need to return to my 'paying' job and act as if I'm NORMAL!!! hehehe!


rachel griffith said...

hi there. i couldn't find an email address to email you back. {sorry.} so i'm just gonna write to you right here.

i'm very happy that my 'endless love' quilt has inspired your parent's anniversary quilt.
that's awesome. i look foward to seeing a photo.

if you have any questions...feel free to ask.

W.O.T.E. said...

Roni - I hear you with the need to reduce. Congrats on your weight loss - when you are a size 12 (now?) let me know, i have some nice clothes i'd love to part with if you would like em!