Friday, September 5, 2008

September 2008????

R-U kidding me?? It's September???? Megan and Jose are evacuating for Ike. Heading to Inglis first and then on to us. Yeah! They'll be here a week early for a visit. Can't hurt my feelings there!! You can see what Iris is doing by looking at the photo from a previous post. Megan said as soon as the crate came out she got in it and then Abacco (my grand-cat who makes me sneeze and weeze) ran under the bed.

So the scrapping is on hold. The sewing is in full swing. Planning the next session for the shop and next year for the guild. I love it. I love to I'm working on the follow through and not saying 'yes' to every request.

My studio is still being worked on - photos will be soon as I figure out where I want to put everything. I'm gonna call in a professional for assistance! I want it to look like it belongs in a magazine, but for f's sake - it's my room...I'm not magazine-people. (that term goes back to the 90's and a comment my mom made to youngest bro...story another time).

So here is my reason for not blogging...a while ago I went to use a longarm quilting machine at a friend's house. Being the efficient person I am, I could not go without my calendar, also known as my Holy Grail. Shortly thereafter I realized I could not locate the HG. High and low I searched and searched...I felt as if I was missing out on a lot because I can NOT function without this calendar. I admitted defeat and switched to another calendar, and then a 2nd one, and then a 3rd one...all to no avail. I missed doctor appointments, hair appointments...I could not get my calendar-groove on without my $4 Walmart calendar! Then one day about 2 weeks ago another friend went over to use the longarm and alas! She found my HG!!! The clouds parted, the sun shone brightly, the angels sang a glorious chorus of ALLEJUAH!!!! Live is good and I am now out of the fog (well, as out as I can be).

Everyone have a safe weekend. Pack up the lawn ornaments in case Ike blows this way... real work that pays in a state of flux (or the other f word if you prefer and which works better in this context) with the Ammendment 1 budget cuts. Our new motto is 'Do Less With Less,' which is certainly hard to do with a customer service driven industry and where safety is paramount. Tough times for all of us. I will leave you with a quote from one of my illustrious commanders, "Sometimes you just gotta suck it up." AMEN!!



Anna M-W said...

Honey...I miss you!

I am glad you are back in the blogging world!

I hope to see you soon!


W.O.T.E. said...

YaY for Roni! I am glad you found the HG already. I will help you get organized if you need a hand reclaiming your craft space. Go Roni GO!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen you in forever. Glad you are back and your find your HG.
Can't wait to see you new scrapbook room photos.