Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grateful!! But Behind!

I hope this is Iris today! She better be getting ready to come see Beedee...even though she has to stay in Inglis with her other Grandma! I'm sure Abacco is ready to travel as well! Ha!

So it's June 19th and I haven't listed any greatful lists!!! But, here is today's...
1. For co-workers who let me vent.
2. For co-workers who have the same mindset.
3. For a boss who suports us.
4. For a Ray's 'W' and Donuts.
5. For the internet.

And I'll do 5 from yesterday:
1. For being directionally challenged - it makes for good stories.
2. For the bestest DH in the world.
3. For a sister I'll miss tremendously.
4. For grandchildren who let me spoil them.
5. For parents of my grandchildren, who let me spoil my grandchildren!

1 comment:

Anna M-W said...

How cute!

I miss you.