Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today is Tuesday-You know what that means...

...I think it's special guest-star day! ala-the old Mickey Mouse Club. Jimmy Dodd would sing a song each day with his ukulele (I think and excuse the spelling). So I thought my special guest could be the Tampa Bay RAYS!!!! Yeah, Rays! 6 games over 500 for the 1st time in franchise history! Having sat through several less than stellar season, this year has been rather fun! How can you not be thrilled for them and all those who love the game of baseball?

I do have the shocking news that I blogged twice in three days! Does this mean I may be getting a little more organized with completing things? Probably not...hope to take a couple of days this week to complete the studio and be able to create again in a space that feeds the soul. We'll see...you know the best laid plans! Organization has been the battle-cry in our little home and as I trudge through my innate ability to save the most unusual items in case I want to incorporate them into a collage or some sort, I have reach the point in my life that less is beginning to mean more! I'll keep you all posted on how that develops...I'm sure you're all sitting there waiting to hear!!!

So for now it's good-bye to you...good-bye to you-hoo, you-hoo...and off to work I go.


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