Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shelley's Snippets: 1977 JCPenney Catalog

You have to check this out!!! Click on the link!!! Quick!!!!

I am ROFLMAO!!!!!!

I can honestly say that neither myself, my husband, or baby (at the time Megan born in '76) had anything that resembled any of the items shown here!!! Thank God! and my momma
for teaching me mo' better!!! (This is a photo we took of mom 'pretending' to eat the entire box of chocolate my brother sent her this for mother's day---she is diabetic!!! --and, yes, my dad always said we were sick people!)

Thanks, MOM!! ILY!!!!


KCQuilter said...

Just found your blog and I love it--will visit often! I'm on Pat's Yahoo group too!

Deena said...

Hi Roni,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You must have got to me from (A) by her post to Shari's site about the wreaths. Shari is my cousin and I am so jealous that she is getting to know Ali. (at least thats who I think you were speaking of) I mean what other "A" is there in this scrapbooking world but the wonderful "A" I LOVE her and her style. Anyways... I will try that with the tea, sound like a good idea to try out. I loved your post about the JC penny catalog, I laughed hard when I got that email. Have a great one. I'll check back soon new cyber friend!