Saturday, November 3, 2007

Post Scary Day!

Let's start the night out with a sugar overload!! Cauldrons from Publix thanks to Amy and Krissy!

So here is glitter girl...can't really see the glitz, but believe me it's there!!!

Kali and Peyton making the 'goodie' bags...

Peyton is 'something with sharp teeth' AKA: vampire boy!

Morgan Summo-man(p.s. the costume finally gave out after 2 years!)
Kali-soccer girl...Mia Hamm watch out!

Old King Cole has nothing on Kali! Here she is doing her annual candy-sort!! Saving the butterfingers for Mommy too! Maybe she can get that gerbil a day earlier with the 10 butterfingers she gave her!

...and here is the end to the night with the ever so popular Uncle Edward's Hayride!

Everyone had a spooktacular night!

P.S. I wish I could take credit for the carving of Jack (see below), but alas, I found it somewhere on the computer. But, now I've challenged myself to do one this spectacular for 2008!!!

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Anna M-W said...

Looks like fun!

Love Peyton's treat bucket!