Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Saturday Morning at the YMCA

Once again it is soccer season...our soccer playing began way back around the early 1980's (sounds like a story, huh?) Well, it started with my brother Mark playing and then coaching...then brother Joe...then Megan...and now the grand kids! And they are playing at the very same YMCA that we joined in 1966 after moving here from Brooklyn! Amazing to me! So here are the kids having a ball. I couldn't believe how well both Jordyn and Kali played!! Peyton played the night before and made 2 of the 3 goals for his team. We won't be able to make all of the games, but we'll make as many as possible!!


scrappingirl79 said...

Payton is such a cutie. Can't wait to see what scrapbook layouts you are going to use with this photos :)

rebecca lucille said...

ALL of those youngin's are cute! Love the action shots!