Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Little Quilter!

Kali's first blocks sewn together without me!Sewing the blocks!!
NOTE: The correct hand placement! NOTE: the fly wheel turned the metal thread holder the perfect spot as she cuts the thread!
One serious quilter!

Kali had a birthday part to go to on Saturday so she wasn't able to go out on the boat. She did, however, come to the shop to stay with me. What could she do??? Why - sew, of course!!! She used her 'new' machine and did a great job! She chose her fabric (she's very good at this), listened to directions, remembered the directions, and sewed her rows of blocks. Next she'll sew them all together! I was so proud of my little quilter! We'll post the final product soon!


Anonymous said...

That is just so incredible, and how much fun for Beedee! Can't wait to see the finished product.

The Araya's said...

This is just crackin me up! That Kali sure does take after her grandma!

Anna M-W said...

Good job Kali! Can she come over and teach me how to sew?

rebecca lucille said...

Kali has that same look of concentration when she's scrappin' with us!
I love it!