Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What a love! Mr. Kaizer. He's in doggie heaven, but I miss him so very much. He was a 90 pound American Stafordshire Terrier who thought he was a lap dog! He loved me to take him for his walks...I literally had to hold on for dear life as he drug me all around. One day while visiting I used my Sandy's leash (she was only 15 pounds) to take him outside to use the facilities. He pulled away from me and there I stood with the leash in my hand while he went to visit the neighbors down the street!!! When we played tug-o-war with his toys, he'd pull me off the couch! Then one day he got really ill and Amy had to make the most difficult decision ever and Kaizer went to heaven. This is a photo of the handsome boy at a New Year's Eve Party! He was exhausted from running all around with his other friends ringing in 2007!

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ireallyamsnowwhite said...

Thank you so much for saying those nice things about my baby. I miss him everyday and wish he was still here with me. He loved you so much and I remember how excited he would get when he saw you. I hope that he is having fun in heaven with George although I am sure George is giving him the cold shoulder :)